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After School Program

Out of School Time Program

Engages youth in grades K-8 in afterschool academics and project based learning from September through June during the school year, and for six weeks during the summer. Activities include homework help, mentoring,computer training, fitness activities, and field trips. This program is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Welfare, is a member of Keystone STARS.
Learning and Development Center

Learning & Development Center

The Learning & Development Center provides early childhood education opportunities essential for the growth, development and preparation of children (ages 3-5) in a warm, secure, and carefully supervised environment. The center ensures experience that foster language development, fine/gross motor skills, social, emotional, and cognitive development. This program is licensed by by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, is a member of Keystone STARS. Our designation as a Keystone STAR-3 center denotes quality childcare practices.
Philadelphia Work Ready Program

Work Ready Philadelphia

Our six-week summer program is sponsored by Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN). The service-learning program provides youth ages 14-18 years with opportunities to develop important workplace and academic skills through career orientated projects.

Mission Statement

The mission of Women's Christian Alliance is to support and facilitate permanence for children and engage in activities that enhance the programs that are child-focused, family centered, culturally sensitive and community based; to advocate for the empowerment of children, youth, and families by promoting well-being, healthy lifestyles, educational achievements, and community advancements through collaborative partenerships; and to engage social welfare policies through various channels.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to create a community of care where all children feel safe, loved, and worthy, while having a sense of belonging to a unique family unit and provide services that ensure the safety and permanence of children, self-sufficient environments, and the stabilty, preservation, and re-unification of families through nurturing and sustaining activities.








Women's Christian Alliance (WCA) is excited to be the oldest African-American foster care and adoption agency in the world that is presently still in existence.  We have weathered many trials and have remained committed to serve our community by supporting the family structure which is the core of any community existence.  Despite decreased revenue and funding, we have consistently devoted our efforts to help our children be the best they can be, especially when life brings sudden traumatic changes that can disrupt their daily lives.

To this end, we solicit your financial support so that we can continue to march to the beat of our mission and vision.

Should you feel compelled to invest in our Agency, both individual and corporate sponsorships are available in the following amounts:

All donations are graciously accepted and are considered charitable giving.  A formal acknowledgement of your donation will be forwarded for your records.